Esteemed Investors,

As you may have read in previous press releases, your Natur International Corp. has embraced a bold mission to expand our range of fruit and vegetable juices and snacks to include consumer goods from other food and beverage platforms, the health and beauty segment and pet care. A key component of our mission is to be ready to commercialize products with hemp extracts that are healthy, functional, effective, safe and when consumed, delicious.

The steps we have taken recently to strengthen our business have included debt restructuring and the dissolution of subsidiary companies no longer critical to our new mission. In the US our press coverage has been favorable, while in the Netherlands, there have been misstatements of fact and/or unclear statements of fact. So, to shed light on this I write this letter to illuminate.

The company has filed for structured insolvency of some, not all, of its subsidiaries under Natur Holding BV. This dissolution has been granted by the Amsterdam District Court.

The media erroneously portrayed Mrs. Nina Storms as a leader of the actions the company, insinuating her involvement was a contributor to the ‘failure’ of the business subsidiaries. It also portrayed her as controlling shareholder with AMC Group. These positions are not accurate. Mrs. Storms is not a shareholder, while her daughter, Karen Brink, holds a clear minority stake and even with AMC together, do not hold 70 percent of the shares as stated by one media outlet. For the avoidance of doubt, Karen has no affiliation with AMC does collaborate with them directly or indirectly. Rather, Karen, it is known, contributed to the company’s continuity in several ways, so it is erroneous to insinuate that she, or the Brink family are a cause of this structured insolvency. In fact, their family did their best efforts to ensure continuity for the employees and staff.

Mrs. Storms is one of the 5 non-executive members of a seven-member board of the parent company, Natur International Corp., trading publicly on the OTC stock exchange in the US. She does not serve on the board of the former Natur Holdings BV which was the candidate for insolvency. The daily Management of Natur Holding BV was performed since November 2018 by Ellen Berkers as CFO and Rob Paladino as CEO (who replaced a former CEO in November 2018.) For this reason, Mrs. Storms is not a ‘driver’ (een bestuurder), as insinuated in some publications.

The positive news is that the company has chosen to transfer its assets to another daughter company, Natur BPS BV (known in the trade now as Natur Functionals). in order to be able to focus on activities that will drive responsible growth and future profits, unencumbered from debt and interest payments. Wisely, NIC has terminated activities that do not add value or are not in line with the new chosen direction of the company.

Thank you kindly for taking note of this.




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Rob Paladino
CEO, Natur International Corp. (OTC: NTRU)